About RobloxToys

Welcome to RobloxToys, where imagination comes to life! We are your ultimate destination for bringing the virtual adventures of the Roblox platform into the real world through a captivating collection of physical figurines and accessories.

Our Inspiration

At RobloxToys, we are inspired by the vibrant and diverse world of Roblox, where millions of players come together to create, explore, and play. Our mission is to provide fans with a tangible way to connect with their favorite Roblox experiences outside of the digital realm.

Key Features

RobloxToys offers a range of key features that make our products unique and exciting:

  1. Toy Figures: Our miniature figures capture the essence of popular Roblox avatars and characters, meticulously designed with intricate details to delight fans of all ages.
  2. Accessories and Gear: Many of our sets include accessories and gear inspired by items found in Roblox games, allowing fans to customize their figures and enhance their play experience.
  3. Virtual Item Codes: Unlock exclusive virtual items within the Roblox game with codes included in select RobloxToys sets, adding an extra layer of excitement and value for collectors and players.
  4. Blind Boxes and Packs: Experience the thrill of the unknown with our blind boxes and packs, where the specific character or item inside is revealed only upon opening, making each purchase a surprise.
  5. Variety of Characters: From iconic avatars to beloved characters from popular Roblox games, our collection features a diverse range of characters for fans to collect and enjoy.
  6. Collectibility: With various series and themed collections, RobloxToys have become highly sought-after collectibles among fans and collectors worldwide.

Expanded Offerings

In addition to our core offerings, RobloxToys continues to innovate and expand:

  1. Toy Assortments: Choose from single-figure packs, multipacks, playsets, and vehicle sets, catering to different preferences and play styles.
  2. Exclusive Items and Codes: Many of our sets include exclusive virtual items and codes, adding value and excitement for collectors and players alike.
  3. Celebrity Collaborations: Collaborations with celebrities and influencers result in exclusive toy sets featuring their Roblox avatars, igniting enthusiasm among fans.
  4. Roblox Action Figures: Explore our action figures with articulation for dynamic play and display options, offering new ways to interact with your favorite characters.
  5. Merchandise Beyond Toys: Beyond toys, RobloxToys offers a range of merchandise including clothing, accessories, and more, allowing fans to express their love for the game in style.


RobloxToys are widely available at major retailers, both in-store and online, ensuring accessibility for fans worldwide to embark on their own Roblox adventures.

Join Us

Join us at RobloxToys and let your imagination soar as we continue to bridge the gap between the virtual world of Roblox and the physical realm, providing fans with endless opportunities for creativity, exploration, and play. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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